C.M. Palov - the Templar's QuestSynopsis - The Templar's Quest

The Monts├ęgur Medallion contains an encrypted map that leads to most coveted relic, the Holy Grail. In the wrong hands it could destroy civilization.

Special Ops soldier Finn McGuire finds himself framed for a string of murders moments after he uncovers the legendary Monts├ęgur Medallion in an ancient Syrian chapel. The culprits are a group of Nazi SS descendants known as The Seven who will stop at nothing to possess the pendant . . . and the Holy Grail. Their wish? To resurrect the Third Reich.

Former MI5 operative Caedmon Aisquith is an expert in the Knights Templar and the Grail; he knows The Seven can only desire it for evil and when Finn approaches him, soldier and spy join forces in a quest to find the deadly relic and halt the bloodshed. But the stakes are high, for the fate of mankind hangs in the balance if they fail.

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